About Edna

Edna was born in Key West, Florida and raised in San Diego, California with her two younger sisters.   Their Filipino parents immigrated from the Philippines. Their father (who has some Chinese ancestry) was in the US Navy and her mother was a nurse.  Edna refers to her mom and dad as Tiger parents because they stressed education, education, and education.

Edna has been in over 5o Toastmasters speech contests,  garnering top awards in division in district competitions.

Edna has a BA in Journalism, and minor in Economics from San Diego State University.

She loves Harry Potter, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather (minus the horrific horse scene in the first movie), superhero movies (Marvel and DC).

Edna has inspired and entertained audiences with her keynote speeches, stand up comedy,  and piano performances.     A few times during the year, she will perform improv with her husband, Jeff.

Edna is a proud member of:

• National Speakers Association

• Royal Conservatory of Music

• Toastmasters International

• National Association for Self-Employed

• Amateur Pianists Association of San Diego

• Adult Piano Students of San Diego County