Public Speaking

– Managing nervousness
– Humor – Finding the funny in your speech
– The lesson within your story
– Connecting with your audience
– Dealing with feedback and criticism
– Pre-presentation/performance routine
– Memorization


– Benefits of humor in your speeches and presentations
– Tools to punch up your speeches
– What to do when the audience doesn’t laugh

Zoom – Presenting and Performing on the Virtual Stage

– Setup your studio
– Zoom features
– Using Powerpoint, video, and virtual backgrounds
– Audience connection Speaking to a ‘virtual’ audience
– Benefits of Zooming NOW during the pandemic


– PowerPoint
– The power and pitfalls of PowerPoint and your computer
– Design for non-designers

Technical Topics for the more (a’hem) mature crowd

– Zooming into Zoom – The Basics of Zoom Video Communications
– From ‘i-Dislike’ to ‘i-Like’: Learning the basics of your iPhone or iPad
– Silver Surfing the Internet – web browsers, email, AND Cyber Safety

Focused Presentations for Toastmasters

– Say YES to Competing
Purpose: Motivator for the launch of competition season
– My Path to Toastmasters
Purpose: Benefits of Toastmasters for membership recruitment