• Make em’ Laugh:  Clean Comedy Tips to Punch Up Your Business Presentations
  • Public Speaking:  Discovering your Courage and Unique Voice (nerves, storytelling, audience connection, dealing with feedback and criticism, preparation, memorization, slides)
  • Before Your Heel (or high heel)  Hits the Stage:  10 Preparation Tips to Excel on Stage
  • Deliberate Practice:  How to Practice Your Speech with More Heart, Efficiency, and Focus
  • Zoom Presentations: Zooming into More Audience Engagement

Personal Growth

  • Unmute Yourself:  Empowerment for Women and Girls
  • Rising through Risks and Rejection
  • The Journey of Improvement:  Embracing Mistakes, Mishaps, and Missteps
  • Imposter Syndrome – Getting Out of Your Own Way
  • Self-love and Acceptance:  Yes, I have prescription eyeglasses, grey hair roots, and body shapers!


  • Graphics Design for Newbies!
  • The Apps of Your Eye – Learning Zoom and FaceTime

Technical Topics for the more (a’hem) mature crowd

  • Zooming into Zoom – The Basics of Zoom Video Communications
  • From ‘i-Dislike’ to ‘i-Like’: Learning the basics of your iPhone or iPad
  • Silver Surfing the Internet – Web Browsers, Email, AND Cyber Safety

Focused Presentations for Toastmasters

  • Say YES to Competing
    Purpose: To motivate members to compete
  • My Path to Toastmasters
    Purpose: Benefits of Toastmasters for membership recruitment