Compliment Notes from June 3, 2023 Piano Performance
Adventures in 88 Keys Studio, Steinway Gallery (San Diego)

Edna spoke. The students listened.  Magic ensued. Edna Nerona’s mix of vulnerability and humor in telling her story of overcoming bullying and finding her voice had 500 normally rambunctious teenagers riveted in their seats.  That insight, plus her sage advice on how to effectively network, made Edna the perfect keynote to kick off EXP’s annual GPS Your Future Career Discovery event.

Amy Grat
CEO of EXP, The Opportunity Engine

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Your openness was very refreshing, poignant and you did a beautiful job of combining both humor and the impact and long lasting effect bullying can have on a person.  Your experience and message clearly highlight the need for schools, social media and our nation at large to address the problem and come up with some meaningful ways to turn this demeaning behavior on its head. Continued success in your speaking career and your life’s journey.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Edna shared with me what it means to be a confident, funny and amazing speaker. Her guest visits at my Toastmasters club were by far the highlight of my week. I appreciate that she gives thought to her work and communicates in such an effective way. I’d love to see her at a comedy show, without a doubt she makes everyone feel comfortable & happy!

Aleisha G.
Cyber Security Analyst

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San Diego Charger Girls

Thank you notes from the San Diego Charger Girls

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Edna is a rare talent! She’s funny, inspirational, and creative! When we started to do open mic and comedy shows on Zoom, she created custom virtual backgrounds for my comedy sets that made my digital presence more inviting.

Show or meetings hosts will tell you that they always look forward to having Edna on their program because she is so engaging!

Abby November, PhD
Clinical Nutritionist and Comedian

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Engaging, educational, and full of humor, Edna Nerona’s presentations were a hit in our organization. Edna met with members ahead of her presentations so she could gear her presentations specifically to us. She invited (Toastmaster) members to participate throughout her presentations and presented many stories as examples to illustrate her points. I look forward to future presentations by Edna.

Mark K.
Financial Application Administrator

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For our Toastmaster Club’s virtual (online) Open House today (5/20/21), Edna
graciously accepted our invitation and participated as our featured Guest
Speaker, joining us before the meeting’s 7AM start time.
Her 20 minute presentation entitled  “Make Em’ Laugh: Comedy Tips to Punch
Up Your Speeches” was an interactive mini-seminar.  She included multiple
specific examples demonstrating how one of our speakers could improve her
5-7 minute target speech.  All of her ideas and examples, which could easily
be applied to almost anyone’s speech, were respectfully presented. 

With her clear single page handout, Edna explained why humor is important,
gave us ideas and tips to keep in mind while writing humorous speeches, and
demonstrated methods for uncovering the humor laying just beneath the
surface of our speeches.  She helped open our perspectives to notice more
opportunities for developing and applying humor to our speeches.

Everyone enjoyed her positive, funny and clean presentation which made the
time fly by! 

Edna graciously stayed after the meeting to talk, along with some club
leaders, with our interested guests and answer their questions about

Based on our experience today, and experiencing some of her prior humorous
speeches, I highly recommend Edna as a guest speaker for any Open House

Ron Gross, ACG, ALS
Rancho Bernardo Toastmasters Club Secretary